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Peter Gabriel in the News

November 7th, 2005

Peter Gabriel is a busy man these days. He’s been charged with creating the theme music for next year’s World Cup finals (that’s soccer to us Americans) and to create some kind of show for the opening ceremony. From The Times:

SEPP BLATTER is horrified by the example set for youngsters by the foul-mouthed Wayne Rooney, so the Fifa president’s reaction to an idea proposed for part of the gala ceremony at next year’s World Cup finals will be awaited with interest. Peter Gabriel has been enlisted to help to create the theme and music for the event, which takes place in Berlin two days before the tournament starts, and one of the musician’s suggestions may alarm the more staid members of football’s world governing body.

Asked for clues as to what the ceremony might entail, Gabriel divulged one possible detail. “Well, I did have this idea,” he said. “A red curtain across the goal, and that would grow to a skirt, and we’d attach little tails to footballs so they become like sperm.”

Reminded of the complaints prompted by the appearance of Greek gods in various states of undress during the Athens Olympics opening ceremony last year, the singer recognised the potential problems. “I don’t know if this is an idea that is going to fly.”

In addition, he is working on his next album, I/O and he gave some info about the project in a recent interview with Rolling Stone:

Also in the works is a new album called I/O, which stands for input/output. “At the moment, I’m trying to write principally about birth and death, with the sex in the middle,” Gabriel says. He has been working steadily over the last few months on the new songs with a minimal crew, including longtime engineer Richard Chappel and percussionist Ged Lynch. This time around he’s chosen to produce the sessions himself. “My mental process is so slow,” he says, “that it’s not really fair to take that time out of anyone else’s life.”

Among the 150 tracks Gabriel has in various stages of gestation is a reworking of the 1986 B side “Curtains,” which he decided to revisit after the song received thousands of votes on an online poll to determine his last tour’s set list. “I had pretty much forgotten about it,” he explains. “So I pulled it out, found stuff I liked and did it again.”

In a break from tradition, Gabriel is contemplating taking the new songs on the road before laying down their final versions. “What I’ve always wanted to do is finish the songs, get them arranged for the band, tour for a month or so, then record them,” he says. “That would give me a different type of immediacy — because sometimes when I work and work on stuff, people feel that it loses some of its flair.”

And if all of this weren’t enough, there are persistent rumors of a Genesis reunion featuring the classic lineup from 1970-75. There is supposedly going to be a meeting of some kind later this month to discuss the issue. We’ll see if this pans out. Personally, I am skeptical about a reunion. They’ll be another best-of collection to milk fans and just a lot of unneeded hoopla about pretending it’s 1975 again. If they were to reunite, then I hope that an album of new material would be offered.

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