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Attention All Rich Folks

March 28th, 2006

Will any folks of wealth reading this please give money to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra? And I mean lots of it. I was cold-called by them this evening again and given a sales pitch to buy a subscription. Hey, I love the symphony and generally go a few times a season. But I split my time between the MSO, the Madison Symphony Orchestra, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. They all features performances of different pieces that I want to hear. This is not a mark againt the Milwaukee gang – far from it. I mean, I fell in love there a few months ago. But these folks are desperate for money and I just don’t have enough to give them.

I’d love to be filthy rich and become a patron of the arts. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’d give the MSO money. Hell, I’d even commission someone to write a symphony. You know, give some aspiring composer fresh out of college the opportunity to strut his or her stuff. And I’d have this person make it related to Wisconsin. Yeah. I can just see it now. Symphony No. 1 – Jim Sensenbrenner. And it would be full of tritones. But, as much as I’d love to fill the MSO’s coffers, I just cannot. So, please, all you rich folk, spare us plebs the cold calls and give generously.

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