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Show #59: Pavement

March 20th, 2006

This week’s show features Pavement, the archetypal indie-rock band. While they were only able to achieve only a modicum of commercial success while together, their low-fi, D.I.Y. aesthetic helped them achieve a large cult following.

The history of the band dates back to 1989 when guitarists Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg (a.k.a. – Sprial Stairs) joined forces with producer and drummer Gary Young. The band became a full-time proposition in 1992 when Mark Iblod was brought in on bass. The erratic and bizarre Young was given the boot in 1993 and was replaced by Steve West who joined percussionist Bob Nastanovich.

This line-up proceeded to record Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain which was released in January 1994. While the band was never a big commercial proposition, the album spawned the single “Cut Your Hair” which got play on alt-rock radio and the video for it ended up on MTV.

And this is where today’s show comes in. It was recorded during the Crooked Rain tour on 23 April 1994. The performance took place the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. Apparently the band played two shows that day as my recording notes say that this is the early one.


Brinx Job
Fork Lift
Heaven is a Truck
Cut Your Hair
Angel Carver Blues
Debris Slide
Fight This Generation
Black Out
Silence Kit
Summer Babe
Conduit For Sale!
Two States > Gold Soundz > Maybe Maybe

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pavement Show #59: Pavement
(Photo Marcus Roth © 1999.)

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