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Show #62: Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers

April 3rd, 2006

Perhaps the only polydactyl bluesman ever or, at least the most famous, Hound Dog Taylor is one of my favorite blues artists. Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor was 55 when a young man by the name of Bruce Iglauer was at one of his shows. Iglauer was so impressed, he started Alligator records for the express purpose of releasing albums by Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers. I can’t say I blame him as I absolutely love Taylor’s raw, energetic blues. Some of you may recall my little bitch session from last week. Well, this is what I’m talking about. Simple, gritty shake yer booty music and not the overly polished & honed stuff that I’ve heard around town. I first started listening to Hound Dog in the mid-90s after a girlfriend left me for another man. I think I played “She’s Gone” about a million times while drowning my sorrows in a glass. I’m sorry but local acts like Westside Andy and the Mel Ford Band just wouldn’t work – they can’t cut close enough to the bone. You can keep all of your alabaster imitators from Eric Clapton to Jonny Lang – this is the real deal.

Taylor had come to Chicago in 1942 from Mississippi and began playing full-time in the mid-1950s. He was famous for sitting on a folding chair while playing with his feet bouncing all the while. The Houserockers were, starting in the mid-1960s Ted Harvey on drums and Brewer Phillips on second guitar – no bass. Taylor’s music was heavily influenced by blues legend Elmore James and the group’s shows were multi-hour marathons that got people dancing and having fun. With a regular gig at Florence’s Lounge on Chicago’s south side, Taylor was virtually unknown outside of the Windy City. But the release of Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers in 1971 changed all that. It would go on to become the highest selling blues album on an independent label and the group toured outside of Chicago and outside of the country as well. Taylor died in 1975 just when he was beginning to get his due recognition as a blues great.

This show was recorded at Joe’s Place in Cambridge, MA on 28 November 1972.


Dust My Broom
Phillip’s Crawl
Freddie’s Blues
Strollin’ With Brewer
It Hurts Me Too
Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid
Take Five
Blues For Suzie
Roll Your Moneymaker
Let’s Get Funky
Florence’s Blues

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Hound Dog Taylor

hounddog Show #62: Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers

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7 Responses to “Show #62: Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers”

  1. Palmer says:

    Sorry about that. It has been corrected. If you want a copy on CD, let me know.

  2. Andy Rampage says:

    HEY MAN,
    *FUN* AS IT IS.. listenin’ HOUND DOG HERE,
    at The infernal *workplace*.. AT *HOME* IS Always: “Better!”!!
    that “Offer” Of a Cd still “GOOD” mate?

    Cheers, Andy Rampage

  3. Andy Rampage says:

    THANK YOU Mr. Palmer!!
    would be “much Obliged” sir!
    ‘Starvin’ for this kinda stuff.. since i moved to witness/ witless protection here in MONTANA!!

  4. John says:

    The Dog,did bite me 1973.My soul got infected at the spot.No mother,preacher,Doctor´s,girlfriend´s,sister nor brother can get it off.And when it´s time for me to go,it will be my companion.My soul is fulfilled and calm by this knowledge.
    May The Dog R:I:P

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