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May Nears an End

May 30th, 2006

Marillion now have a podcast! You can keep up with the band as they record their 14th album. The RSS feed is here.

Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree is moving to Israel.

“There are wonderful restaurants here, good food, amazing beaches, the most beautiful women in the world, a ton of really good reasons for living here,” he adds, watching the crowded street from our Tel Aviv cafe.

Shortly after his move, he intends to resume his career as producer of metal albums the world ’round by producing an album for the Israeli metal band Orphaned Land. I’ve never heard their music but I can see why Wilson would be attracted to the project. They’re described as being a death metal band that also incorporates tradition Jewish folk material into their own.

Lastly, I want to note that this month is going to be a real squeaker as far as bandwidth goes. I’ve got about 4% of my bandwidth left and 1.5 days to go. This is mainly due to UtD showing up in the results from SingingFish which in turn is used Microsoft at their Windows Media site for searches. Oddly enough, most of the hits from this site are people downloading my Iron Maiden show.

Hopefully I’ll have a show up tonight.

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