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Being a weeklie podcaste from Madison, Wisconsin featuring several remarkable curiosities therein occurring being a compendium of live music from divers artistes

Show #68: King's X

May 8th, 2006

In order to make a pitch to Milwaukee listeners to get them to vote for Up the Downstair, I’m posting a show recorded in their fair town. It also just happens to feature a band that played here in Madison last night, King’s X.

King’s X started out in 1987. A power trio, they hash out very melodic flavor of hard rock that has appeal on multiple levels. They’re heavy enough to appeal to metalheads, their music is just tricky enough to get the nod from progressive rock fans, yet their songs are tuneful with some great harmony vocals that have a fairly broad appeal to a general audience.

Formerly known as The Edge, bassist/singer Doug Pinnick, drummer Jerry Gaskill, and guitarist Ty Tabor moved to Houston, Texas from Missouri in 1987 hoping to secure a recording contract. They ended up renaming themselves King’s X and landed a contract with Megaforce Records and released their first album in 1988, Out of the Silent Planet. This was followed up a year later with Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, which did only slightly better commericially. It was 1990’s Faith, Love, Hope that proved the band’s breakthrough. It reached #85 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The spiritual bent of their lyrics endeared the band to fans of Christian rock and the album also hit #31 on the Top Contemporary Christian chart. (Although the band have denied that they’re a Christian rock band.) The single “It’s Love” proved popular and the band got the attention of major labels. They eventually signed to Atlantic Records.

Their first album on Atlantic, King’s X, came out in the spring of 1992. And this is where this week’s show comes into the picture. It was recorded on the band’s tour in support of King’s X in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during Summerfest on 28 June 1992. Their performance was broadcast on the radio so this is a nice recording.

kingsx Show #68: King's X
(Photo by Mitch Gerber @ KingsX.net.)


Shot Of Love
Lost In Germany
The Big Picture
It’s Love
We Are Finding Who We Are
Summerland / Fall On Me
Mr. Wilson
Power Of Love

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King’s X

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