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Carl Palmer Interview

June 5th, 2006

This Sunday Carl Palmer will be playing at Shank Hall in Milwaukee. There is an interview with Mr. Palmer up at RocknWorld in which he discusses the tour & his other musical activities, past and present. Here’s an excerpt:

antiMUSIC: Why did you decide to try the ELP songs with guitar instead of keys?

Carl Palmer: I only play “Trilogy” and “Tarkus” from ELP, the rest of the tunes are actually classical adaptations that ELP also play. I play other classical adaptations that ELP didn’t play. But I play “Trilogy” and “Tarkus” and both of those songs seem to have adapted very well.

antiMUSIC: Can you please describe the process of determining which songs would work and which wouldn’t?

Carl Palmer: It’s very, very difficult. All the music was written out for the guitars. It was very hard to determine exactly which would work and which wouldn’t. It’s all on a very trial and error basis, really. It ended up being those two particular pieces of music. I then found that “Tank” also worked with guitar. But I mean, I play something like “Hoedown” but that was written by Copeland. I play “Fanfareā€¦” that was written by Aaron Copeland. I play “The Enemy God Dances with the Black Spirits”, that was Prokofiev, so a lot of the pieces could automatically be redesigned for guitar because they weren’t originally written for Emerson, Lake and Palmer anyway.

I found it quite surprising that they’ll only be playing a couple ELP tunes. If any listeners attend this show, please send me a review.

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