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Heavy Metal's All-Time Top 100 Vocalists

December 2nd, 2006

Hit Parader has released their list of Heavy Metal’s All-Time Top 100 Vocalists:

01. Robert Plant
02. Rob Halford
03. Steven Tyler
04. Chris Cornell
05. Bon Scott
06. Freddie Mercury
07. Bruce Dickinson
08. Ozzy Osbourne
09. Paul Rodgers
10. Ronnie James Dio
11. Axl Rose
12. Sammy Hagar
13. Geddy Lee
14. Geoff Tate
15. Mick Jagger
16. Jonathan Davis
17. Roger Daltrey
18. Paul Stanley
19. David Lee Roth
20. Kurt Cobain
21. Maynard James Keenan
22. Klaus Meine
23. Eddie Vedder
24. James Hetfield
25. Trent Reznor
26. Serj Tankian
27. Layne Staley
28. Steve Perry
29. Gene Simmons
30. Joe Elliott
31. Jon Bon Jovi
32. Alice Cooper
33. Vince Neil
34. Steve Marriott
35. Lajon Witherspoon
36. Sebastian Bach
37. Philip Anselmo
38. Zack De La Rocha
39. Brian Johnson
40. Bret Michaels
41. Udo Dirkschneider
42. David Draiman
43. Ian Gillian
44. Marilyn Manson
45. Jeff Keith
46. Chester Bennington
47. Sully Erna
48. Lemmy Kilmister
49. Aaron Lewis
50. Brett Scallions
51. Chino Moreno
52. Rob Zombie
53. Anthony Kiedis
54. David Coverdale
55. Gary Cherone
56. Andrew Wood
57. Scott Weiland
58. Tom Araya
59. Phil Lynnot
60. Rod Stewart
61. Scooter Ward
62. Ray Davies
63. Sonny Sandoval
64. David Bowie
65. Joan Jett
66. Josey Scott
67. Perry Farrell
68. Scott Stapp
69. Amy Lee
70. Don Dokken
71. Fred Durst
72. Mike Shinoda
73. Pepper Keenan
74. Dez Fafara
75. Gavin Rossdale
76. Blackie Lawless
77. Dave Wyndorf
78. Ann Wilson
79. Jimi Hendrix
80. Ville Valo
81. Peter Steele
82. Dave Williams
83. Dee Snider
84. Joe Lynn Turner
85. King Diamond
86. Corey Taylor
87. Jamey Jasta
88. Justin Hawkins
89. Dave Mustaine
90. Ian Astbury
91. Stephen Pearcy
92. Phil Mogg
93. Biff Byford
94. Cristina Scabbia
95. Dani Filth
96. Wes Scantlin
97. Tim “Ripper” Owens
98. Joshua Todd
99. Kevin Dubrow
100. Ray Gillen

Jon Bon Jovi rates above Lemmy?! Discuss.

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69 Responses to “Heavy Metal's All-Time Top 100 Vocalists”

  1. Slim Pickens says:

    OK, First off you are citing HIT PARADER! Are you 15 years old? Also Judas Priest replacement vocalist “Ripper” Makes the list? I believe the list should be titled “Name 100 vocalists in Heavy Metal”

  2. Lou Cypher says:

    15. Mick Jagger ? Although I am not familiar with Mick’s solo work, I’m pretty sure the Stones have never recorded anything close to being considered metal. Sympathy for the Devil name checks the Dark One but that’s a stretch. Also Steve Perry(Journey) makes the cut.

    The list should be retitled”The Editors of Hit Parader name 100 people who have made albums since 1969″

  3. Anonymous says:

    Vince Neil is ahead of Ian Gillian….??? That’s just plain wrong – TGL

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, Ian Anderson has a grammy for best metal album and I don’t see him listed. Even worse, Palmer himself doesn’t mention this tragic oversight…

  5. panayiotis1984 says:

    Ronnie James DIO number 10 ?
    You have to be joking …

    This man has a double cd tribute that is called “Holy DIO: Tribute to the VOICE of Metal” and they put him at the 10th position…

    DIO you are the best vocalist ever… King of Rock n Roll and the true VOICE of Metal…

  6. Palmer says:

    Jeezus, Slim – a list is a list. It’s not like a Rolling Stone list of best metal vocalists would be more meritorious.

    As for Dio, it will be a sad day when he dies. Metal will need a new icon that stands under 5′.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where’s Brandon Boyd… Why Mick Jagger… Why Bon Jovi… who made this…

  8. Palmer says:

    You’ll have to send your complaints to the folks at Hit Parader.

  9. Anonymous says:

    just one problem im gonna point out, bon scott above brian johnson? bon was cool, but brian was a much better vocalist and did much more for ac dc

  10. Palmer says:

    The list was probably compiled by older guys who got into AC/DC back in 1975.

  11. Anonymous says:

    this list should be called ‘the 100most famous vocalists’

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where’s Corey Taylor? Stu Block? Phil Labonte? ZP Theart?

  13. slitthroatmuthafuckinkilla...i wouldn't think twice says:

    WHY THE FUCK IS JON BON JOVI NUMBER 31 AND DAVID DRAIMAN(disturbed) IS NUMBER 42….alice cooper behind bon jovi..wtf jimi hendrix
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Disturbed ¸„ø¤º°¨
    ¸„ø¤º°¨ ROCK ON! `°º¤ø„¸

  14. Palmer says:

    Beats me. Bon Jovi should even be on the list, as far as I’m concerned.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Chester bennington is the best nu metal singer!

  16. Anonymous says:

    corey Taylor is on 86

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where the fuck are Matt Tuck and Matt Shadows

  18. Anonymous says:

    I love Linkin Park and my favourite is Mike Shinoda but how the hell is he a METAL singer!? and corey on 86? with shinoda my fav rapper ahead of him ..?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Only three things: Brandon Boyd, Corey Glover and Chester Bennington

  20. elpibe says:

    Yeah, Corey Gloverfrom Living Colour, Brandon from Incubus should be in the list

  21. elpibe says:

    If Mick Jagger is here, why Jim Morrison isn’t?? And what about Coery Glover of Living Colour and Brando from Incubus?

  22. Anonymous says:

    First of all Ozzy Osbourne is the Master of Heavy Metal , Second Thing James Hetfield is not that bad he must be in the first 10 =\

  23. Anonymous says:

    Jon Bon Jovi can’t sing for shit, and Bon Jovi isn’t a metalband like many others on the list… And Come on, James Hetfield should be in top 10. This list suck

    • rody says:

      bon jovi’s music aint specific they did everything from metal 2 country..oh if u dnt think they r metal then go check living on a prayer, living sin theres high metal note thats gonna blow ur mind

  24. Anonymous says:

    Fred Durst? Mike Shinoda? These people are complete jokes.

    Kurt Cobain? Axl Rose? Jimi Hendrix? Heavy metal? Pfffffffft.

    And the fact that Jonathan Davis is at number 16, above Serj, Maynard, Hetfield, Layne Staley (which is pushing it as far as metal goes), and several others, is laughable.

    Your list fucking sucks. Good day.

  25. Anonymous says:

    ^ Forgot to add, why the hell aren't people like James LaBrie, Tarja Turunen, Roy Khan, Matt Tuck, M. Shadows, Anette Olzon, Sharon den Adel, Andrea Ferro, or Simone Simons on here?

    Hell, even Chad Fucking Kroeger is more worthy of being on this list than Fred Fucking Durst.

  26. Palmer says:

    Umm…if you weren't so fucking airheaded, you'd have noticed that the list belongs to Hit Parader and is not mine.

    Why aren't James LaBrie, etc. on here? Go ask them the HP editors.

    Thanks for stopping by and being a complete shithead.

  27. Anonymous says:

    this has nothing to do with heavy metal… like really, jon bon… wtf? may as well throw john mayer and jason mraz in there too then. because apparently they may be considered "heavy metal" too.

    haha whatta bullshit list.

    • rody says:

      u wouldnt know what metal is if it hit u on the face…go check living on a prayer and living in sin then u have the right 2 talk

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe Zack de la Rocha scored ABOVE David Draiman – and all he did was rap.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I didn't think Maynard James Keenan of Tool was really that great . . . he's above the System of a Down singer!

  30. Anonymous says:

    This list is stupid. My list:
    1. Freddie mercury
    2. Kurt cobain
    3. Jon bon jovi
    4. Marilyn manson
    5. David lee roth
    6. Chester bennington
    7. Robert plant
    8. Ozzy osbourne
    9. Jonathan davis
    10. Aaron lewis

  31. dustin kennedy says:

    ok, why the hell is zepplin above priest? are you fucking kidding me?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Damn with all of the non-metal voices on the list why do i not see Gddie Vetter? lol

  33. Anonymous says:

    kurt cobain isn't even fucking heavy metal. and how can he be higher in the list than Bon jovi! fuck this fucking list, this is never the top 100, this just can't be fucking right

  34. Anonymous says:

    Ok, as much as I adore the top three, Freddie Mercury MUST be number one. He is the greatest by far.

    I do agree with previous comments; Mick Jagger? Was heacy metal even invented when he made his best music with the Stones?

    ….. I’m insulted…. Jon Bon Jovi above Alice Cooper… WTF??? Have you heard songs like Ballad Of Dwight Frye? Halo Of Flies?? Public Animal #9??? Elected???? SCHOOL’S OUT????!!! His voice is by far greater than Jovi’s.

    • rody says:

      really then y dnt u check living on a prayer , living in sin , runaway , always , i’ll be there 4 u , love lies …. when ur done listenning 2 these songs ill tell u other songs..

  35. Jimmy John says:

    Jonathon Davis is number one, two, and three

  36. maximeister says:

    Where’s ZP Theart? Mike Patton? Dave Grohl? Most importantly, WHY IS JOHNATHON DAVIS ONLY 16TH????? HE’S NUMBAH 1-1,000,000!!! Thank you.

  37. maximeister says:

    M.Shadows should be right after Johnathon Davis but right before Maynard James Keenan.

  38. maximeister says:

    Take Mick Jagger and Amy Lee on this list and switch them. It would make a little more sense that way.

  39. ramin says:

    ozzy is the best for ever

  40. Paul says:

    Such a screwed up list. Jonathan Davis?! Amy Lee?! Mike Shinoda?!

  41. Kmlo says:

    lack Mitch Lucker, Suicide Silence vocal is much better than the vocal hatebreed

  42. gary says:

    mike Shinoda is a rapper.How is he a metal Vocalist?
    but not a bad list.and definitely not good.

  43. Rohan says:

    Bon Jovi Ain’t no Heavy Metal … What are they Smoking these days ??

  44. AC says:

    AC/DC main singer is 39, Ian Gillian is 43, that’s funny! Hetfield deserves a higher rank (also Dave Mustaine, haha). and i don’t know how Serj Tankian can beat Jimi Hendrix (even if it is about opera) lol. Dio should be in a rank higher than Osbourne. But, Nbr 1 is convincing! squeeeeeeeeeeeeze my lemon

  45. JP says:

    Amy Lee about the only Gothic metal singer in this list. Where are Sharon den Adel, Tarja Tururen and Floor Jansen? Now they can sing. If Rod Stewart and Bowie are metal and Nightwish and Within Temptation are not my common sense stops.
    And yeah, what about Ian Anderson.

  46. Don salvatore says:

    Jon bon jovi may hit the high notes and all, but his band isn’t very heavy metal. Way too poppy to be metal. The heavy factor amd the metallic sound are just not there. And yes RJD. Is supposed to be no 1, together with bruce dickinson and rob halford. Ian gillan is worthy to be in the top 10. Fred durst and mike shinoda… Simply jokers compared to the old school heavy metal vocalists. I think tim ripper owens has very good pipes and he deserves more recognition. Ozzy osbourne? Argh come on, he’s just recognised in heavy metal because he was in black sabbath. His singing used to be fine, but now he’s a joke.

  47. Don`t give a FUCK says:

    This is retard most of this assholes can`t even sing lol

  48. fuck on says:

    what the fuck corey taylor is 86 .he deserve more than that

  49. badname2 says:

    that a very bad list, james hetfield is better than david draiman? please.. and how come Howard Jones is not on there?

  50. woooow says:

    ummmmmy the fuck is corey taylor 86??

  51. Bolsa says:

    Jonathan Davis is a beast I’m glad to see him here. But, WHAT THE FUCK!? Where the fuck is Till Lindemann? This list is certainly not complete.

  52. Luke says:

    ok, i understand hard rock being the forefather of heavy metal, but you cant put David Draiman on the same list as Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury, theres waaaaay too many stylistic differences.

  53. David says:

    WTF where is M Shadows(Avenged Sevenfold) and The Rev (past member of (Avenged Sevenfold) and why the fuck is David Draimann 42 hes got an amazing metal voice

  54. dan taylor says:

    why isn’t russel allen in? He’s a fockin epic! This list is shit. Try adding justin bieber in it to fully ruin the list.

  55. Liam says:

    Um…what about people like Glenn Benton, M. Shadows and Randy Blythe? This list is shit.

  56. shrish says:

    not much surprised with plant at number 1..mercury must be at number 2..

  57. Lee says:

    Hahaha what the hell is this hit parader nimrod on about. This is not a list of heavy metal vocalists, put a different title on the list like best rock singers. Then change around some of the stupidity in the numbers that some of these vocalists are at and you may have a reasonable list but the way this stands is pure dross imo.

  58. Angie says:

    Where is Rik Emmett.. This list is wacked…Ozzy after Robert Plant… Dio number ten…

  59. Chavez Shannon Haynes says:

    You obviously know nothing about metal if Dave Mustaines 89. This guy founded both metllica and megadeth and is one of the greatest off all time. He atleast deseves a top 30 spot. Hetfield should be more towards the top. When fred durst is above mustaine then you know this guy knows nothing. Phil labonte, howard jones, jesse leach, and m. Shadows arent even on the list. This list creator knows nothing.

  60. Susan K says:

    Where are the REAL METAL lists. Singers, Bruce Dickinson should be number one. Jon oliva from savatage days. Matt Barlow from old iced Earth, (manson. What a joke he’s not heavy metal, at least thrash metal got in,Tom from Slayer and Dave from Megadeth, Bobby blitz is missing, Kai Hansen, ,Andi deris! Michael kiske, Who says Jovi is metal? More like hard rock, Chuck Schuldiner, even though he was the godfather of death metal he deserves recognition, any pure metalfans here?lol my case is rested!

  61. Simon says:

    Why in the hell is Dan McCafferty of Nazareth not on this list? Give me a break – hahaha !!!

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