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Palace Latin Club Is Victim of Arson

January 4th, 2007

The Palace Latin Club was the apparent victim of arson in the antelucan hours today. Madison has a sad history of well-loved music clubs going up in smoke. O’Cayz Corral burned down about 6 years ago, taking Kaye’s Comic Strip with it. Almost 11 years ago, the Hotel Washington went up in flames. HW featured another great music venue, Club De Wash.

The Palace Latin Club is owned by Javier and Martin Palcios, both Mexican immigrants. Thusly the joint featured free salsa lessons, Latin music, etc. appealing to a broad audience but also specifically to Madison’s small but growing Latino population.

The news of the fire has been up at the Isthmus forum (the forum of Madison’s alternative weekly where lots of local musos and fans lurk) since 11:34 and it is now 15:13. Yet not a single soul has commented on it. No one has even bothered to ridicule the place and say good riddance. If it were the High Noon that had gone up, there’d be a million people commenting and a lynch mob forming to find whomever was responsible for the fire.

UPDATE: It’s now 8:33 the next day. A trio of people responded to the post at the Isthmus forum about the fire. No lamentation. Instead, they’re all excited about the presence of a 24-hour coffee shop on campus.

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4 Responses to “Palace Latin Club Is Victim of Arson”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I think a big reason there has been little commotion is that the semester hasn’t kicked in yet, I’ve been back in town for less than a week and didn’t find out about it until I went to subway and found it was closed due to water damage..

  2. Palmer says:

    Perhaps there would have been more commotion had school been in session but I still think, had it been the High Noon Saloon, the reaction of the music community would have been much, much greater. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that the destruction of the HNS would make the front page of the State Journal and Isthmus would devote a lengthy article to the impact of this event would have on the Madison music scene.

    The rock musos in this town treasure the HNS and rightly so. But I think that by basically ignoring this venue they are, to me, saying “Well, it wasn’t a rock club so who cares.” Latino musicians contribute to the Madison music scene and help make it what it is. And so, to ignore this is to ignore a blow to the scene as a whole. That, to me, is unfortunate.

    If a venue where Awesome Fun Carmaker could play burns, it would be labeled a tragedy. When a venue where Latino musicians get to play on a regular basis and where the Latino community generally can congregate burns, it’s just unfortunate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I very much disliked the palace latin club. The owner treated his customers like garbage by kicking them out of the club for no reason. I’m a true believer of karma…what goes around comes around. I’m glad it shut down!!

  4. Palmer says:

    Anon – I was never there so I cannot speak about the owner and how he treated patrons. If what you say is true, then that’s unfortunate and ridiculous. But, for me, it’s just hearsay, at the moment.

    I’m sorry that you rejoice in arson.

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