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Show #105: Caught Somewhere on Tour (Maiden '86)

maiden86 c Show #105: Caught Somewhere on Tour (Maiden '86)

A couple weeks ago I decided to find some good-quality Iron Maiden boots from 1986-88. I was at a friend’s house just prior to this and he raved about the band’s latest, A Matter of Life and Death, and I just got this urge to hear some Maiden from the latter part of their “golden era”, if you will. My love affair with the band started in 1989 when I lived up nort in rural Wisconsin. A friend of mine, who was one of 3 or 4 metalheads at the small school I attended, lent me a copy of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son released the previous year. I remember listening to it for the first time very well. It was a summer night and storms were raging outside – lots of thunder & lightning and quite a show. So I’m listening to the 10+ minute title track on side two which has this slow bit in the middle that’s really evil and foreboding with a spooky chorus synthesizer in the background. Singer Bruce Dickinson is doing a spoken word part when a bolt of lightning flashes and I hear a CRASH!! in the bathroom. This freaked me out but I go investigate anyway and discover that the glass shower door had shattered into a million pieces. That’s rock’n'roll!

maiden86 a Show #105: Caught Somewhere on Tour (Maiden '86)

Maiden released Somewhere in Time in 1986 and it introduced guitar synths to the band’s sound. Fears that the boys had taken a turn towards Ultravox were allayed when listening to the album. The synths add color and fill out the songs where they’re used but the Iron Maiden sound remained quite intact. Their addition essentially codified the elements of the style now known as progressive metal. I read an interview with bassist Steve Harris several years ago in which he said that a couple of his favorite albums were Foxtrot by Genesis and A Passion Play by Jethro Tull so it’s really no surprise that the band helped pioneer this sub-genre.

The Somewhere On Tour tour began on 10 Sepetember 1986 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and ended 148 shows later in Osaka, Japan on 21 May 1987. (They stopped here in Madison on 9 March 1987 at the Dane County Coliseum.) It featured their now-customary stage setup with a giant version of the band’s mascot, Eddie. The performance here was recorded on 8 October 1986 at Colston Hall, Bristol, UK. It’s an excellent audience recording and appears on the bootleg above, When It’s Time to Rock.

maiden86 b Show #105: Caught Somewhere on Tour (Maiden '86)
(Live photos found here.)


Bladerunner Theme
Caught Somewhere In Time
Two Minutes to Midnight
Sea of Madness
Children of the Damned
Stranger In A Strange Land
Wasted Years
Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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Iron Maiden

Here’s a clip of the band on the same tour doing “Stranger in a Strange Land”. I am almost positive it comes from their show on 13 January 1987 in Philadelphia.

I’ve posted another Maiden show here from a different tour – 1992.

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arrow6 Comments

  1. 99 mos ago

    This was a big conversation starter @ work. Big Ed could not believe that you were a fan of Maiden. Then somehow Ed made the argument that Nugent was “metal”.

    If you want to see a grown man cry sit down with me, some barley pops and any pre 92 Maiden DVD.

    The trademark Dickinson showmanship is awesome. The ‘throw the mic stand in the the air and clap before you catch it routine’ never fails to make me smile!

  2. Anonymous
    99 mos ago

    I get the chills just thinking about my first Maiden show back in 1985 at the Rosemont Horizon. I got to borrow Mom’s car for my first solo-concert. We never could get the puke stain out after a buddy lost his lunch in the back seat. Powerslave was just too much for some kids. I, on the other hand, was hooked. Never followed many other metal bands – but to this day Maiden stills lights a fire. Up the Irons!

  3. Palmer
    99 mos ago

    Maiden RAWKS! I can’t believe Big Ed isn’t a fan himself. I wish the Maiden England video were available on DVD. Until it is, I’ve still got my trusty VHS copy on hand.

    TGL – I’ve never seen Maiden. I remember seeing many people at my Chicago high school with their t-shirts bought at that show, however.

  4. Anonymous
    98 mos, 3 wks ago

    You seem to know specific dates for “Somewhere on tour” back in ‘87 and I was wondering if you had a list of the actual tour dates to add to this post so I could see what date they would have been in my city.

  5. Palmer
    98 mos, 3 wks ago

    Anonymous – go here for the tour’s itinerary:

  6. Anonymous
    72 mos, 3 wks ago

    Thanks!!!!! I’ve lost this lp 12 years ago…

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