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Show 116: Interview w/Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus

April 21st, 2007

As I promised yesterday, here’s my interview with Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus.

hickey2 Show 116: Interview w/Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus

I caught her in the middle of Indiana as she and the band were traversing the state on their way here to Madison for tonight’s show. Ms. Hickey was exceptionally friendly and down-to-earth. For all you Porcupine Tree fans out there – she reminded me a lot of Steve Wilson when she spoke about constructing the album and viewing it as a whole that deserves to be heard from beginning to end instead of something you from which you download a track or two. Also like Wilson, Ms. Hickey prefers to have as much input into and control over her work, including how it’s presented via webpages, etc. I’m not cut from the same cloth as the Jim Ladd’s of the world but I gave it my best shot. I tried to get some basic info as well as ask some dorkier questions of a type that I wish real music journos would ask artists.

My Radio Shack equipment did not produce a file of the highest fidelity so you’ll need to crank up the volume a bit. And my ability with noise reduction is minimal at best, so treat me with kid gloves.

Download show

The Last Town Chorus

Here’s a video from their performance last night (20 April). It’s a cover of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” which is garnering exposure for the band and was featured on the television show Grey’s Anatomy.

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4 Responses to “Show 116: Interview w/Megan Hickey of The Last Town Chorus”

  1. arch stanton says:

    Is “I have a podcast” the new “Would you like to come over and see my etchings”?

  2. Palmer says:

    I should be so lucky.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for using my video. Since you linked to it, I was able to find your blog and listen to the interview with Megan. It was a nice interview. Thanks!

  4. Palmer says:

    Thanks for having shot it! And you’re welcome for the interview.

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