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Show #119: Fear of a Blank Planet Live Preview

May 8th, 2007

I am getting psyched to see Porcupine Tree next week in Chicago so I thought I’d post some Tree. (Any other Madisonians/Cheeseheads going down?)

pt06 a Show #119: Fear of a Blank Planet Live Preview
(Photo by Danny.)

The band’s new album, Fear of a Blank Planet was released here in the States a couple weeks ago and I’ve reviewed it previously. But last fall, the group did a short tour in support of their Arriving Somewhere… DVD and they gave audiences a preview of most of the material on FoaBP including a rare glimpse of Steve Wilson playing keyboards instead of guitar. A notice appeared on their website asking people to refrain from taping these performances but this did not stop intrepid fans from doing so. However, these recordings were kept out of general circulation for many months so, when the album was released, the floodgates opened and the many recordings of the fall tour suddenly appeared.

The first set at these shows consisted of the new material while the second was old favorites. Fear of a Blank Planet was played in its entirety and in the order of the album excepting the song “Way Out of Here”. In its stead was “Nil Recurring”. At least I think so. There were apparently two songs recorded that were left off the album and that is one of them. (Robert Fripp contributed to the studio version.) But there is confusion as to whether “Nil Recurring” is an instrumental or not. So either the 5th song here is it or another song the name of which is still unknown.

pt06 b Show #119: Fear of a Blank Planet Live Preview
(Photo from Other Skylines.)

This is a very good audience recording from the Muffathalle in Munich, Germany and the date was 22 September 2006.


Fear of a Blank Planet
My Ashes
Cheating the Polygraph
Sleep Together

Download show

Porcupine Tree

Here’s a clip of The Tree doing the title track of the new album. It’s from the 26th of last month in London.

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5 Responses to “Show #119: Fear of a Blank Planet Live Preview”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Palmer! I've been looking for My Ashes and Sentimental live for a while.. These sound great! I'm going to see them in the Big Apple on Sept 24th for the first time.. Can't wait!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Just found your site today and was blown away. I'm a huge PT, Fish, Genesis, old and new Marillion etc. fan. BTW I'm sure you know this now, but the unidentified track in the PT show #119 is Cheating the Polygraph. You've earned yourself a regular visitor! A hearty Slainte from JT in Winter Garden, Florida.

  3. Palmer says:

    Hi JT – glad you enjoy the site. Yeah, I found out the identity of the mystery track a while back but never updated the post.

    If you want any shows on CD instead of these MP3s, just let me know. I'd be happy to send you some.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Setlist Correction:

    The 5th song of the set is titled "Cheating The Polygraph" from the Nil Recurring EP.

  5. Palmer says:

    Thanks, Anon. You're not the first to point that out but I've been lazy.

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