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Genesis, et al To R'n'R Hall of Fame

December 21st, 2009

genesis reunion98 Genesis, et al To R'n'R Hall of Fame

One of my favorite bands, Genesis, has been elected to the Rock’n'Roll Hall of Fame along with ABBA, The Hollies, The Stooges, and Jimmy Cliff.

This highly unamused Adam Gold of the Nashville Skyline blog who wrote:

As far as Genesis is concerned, there’s a reason why they’ve gone through 15 years of eligibility without being recognized by the Hall: They’re fucking Genesis. Their biggest accomplishment is successfully rivaling the intolerability of ’70s prog with barely tolerable ’80s pop, before trumping both with the shockingly vapid “I Can’t Dance” in the ’90s.

Personally, I think it’s nice that they’ve been inducted but, as a fan, I never took it as a huge affront over the past 15 years that they weren’t in the HoF. I went to the museum in 2002 and thought it was amusing, but certainly nothing too exciting. The Jimi Hendrix display was really neat and informative, but the rest of it just seemed to be one big display of stage costumes which teaches you that rock stars tend to be very short. (They had one of Stevie Nicks’ dresses next to Ian Anderson’s costume from the Heavy Horses tour and even she was taller than the flautist.) There was little sense of rock’n'roll really have a history, no sense of bands influencing one another, or any kind of progression. Instead, it just seemed to be a random collection of clothes and instruments.

Still, congratulations to all the inductees.

Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford were on Planet Rock, a UK classic rock radio station, on Saturday. I have downloaded the program but haven’t listened to it yet so I’m not sure if there are any comments about the HoF or not.

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8 Responses to “Genesis, et al To R'n'R Hall of Fame”

  1. I heard Collins is saying he can't play drums anymore. Apparently the way he plays has caused damage to his back and he can't hold the sticks anymore.

    You going to see the Musical Box do Trick of The Tail again?

  2. Palmer says:

    The last I heard, his back was healing slowly but surely. Hell, he's doing an album. Isn't all Motown covers?

    Yes, I have a ticket for the show next month in Milwaukee. I was going to see them this past January but my grandmother's funeral ended up being that same day.

  3. that's too bad.

    We saw that January show, and it was maybe my favorite Musical Box show, because it came the closest to that 80 -82 sound…

    keep an eye out for the Phil-singer and Phil-drummer switching places. Hint: the singer does not play drums.

    Motown covers? Didn't Rod Stewart do that?

  4. Palmer says:

    I've seen YouTube clips of the current tour and noticed the drummer.

    Yes, an album of Motown covers:


  5. arch stanton says:

    I've been a fan of Genesis since I recieved a promo poster with my food at Hardee's some time in 1983( I thought it said geniuses).
    Also their video for 'I Can't Dance' revolutionized the music video meduim.

  6. Palmer says:

    Arch, why must you soil my blog with your lies?

  7. arch stanton says:

    I can't beleive it took me a week to come up with Rock and Roll Hall of LAME!!

  8. Palmer says:

    That's because you're special.

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