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When Bass Attacks

December 14th, 2009

Here’s another reason not to listen to club music: it kills.

Tom Reid, 19, was taken ill in a crowded London club after standing close to the speakers and telling a friend: ‘The bass is affecting me.’

His friend Alisha Riseley told the inquest they were pushed towards the speakers. She added: ‘Tom said he felt like the bass was getting to his heart and we went to stand at the back.’

He told her: ‘My heart feels funny. I think the bass is affecting me. Oh God, I feel very weird. My heart is beating so fast.’

They went to see the club medic but, while Mr Reid considered whether to call an ambulance, he collapsed. ‘He suddenly leant to the side and keeled over as though he fainted,’ Ms Riseley told St Pancras coroner Dr Andrew Reid.

Paramedics tried to restart his heart but within two hours he was declared dead in hospital.

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