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Joan Jett Unamused by Rush

January 29th, 2010

Having just reviewed the new movie, The Runaways, I thought this was funny: Joan Jett bashes Rush:

In the new film biopic about the band titled The Runaways, Jett (played by Kristen Stewart) is derided by an unidentified rock group they’re opening for. She later retaliates by breaking into their dressing room and urinating on one of their guitars.

Jett doesn’t hesitate to identify the real-life inspiration for the scene.

“Rush! They sat on the side of the stage and laughed at us,” Jett says. “That sort of stuff pisses me off.”

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4 Responses to “Joan Jett Unamused by Rush”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that's hilarious. I wonder why Rush would laugh at rock wannabe Joan? Maybe because back in the days when you put another dime in the juke box, baby, you wouldn't waste it on her one hit – last hit, two chord talent?

  2. Palmer says:

    Jeepers! Don't like Joan Jett, eh? While I'm not a huge fan, I certainly don't hate her like you do. Pete Townshend knew – what? – 3 chords?

    And she really wasn't a one-hit wonder:


  3. creepycheaps says:

    geez anonymous you’re such a retard. or you haven’t checked Google yet for the things that joan jett is great at? where you born in mars? the rush were mean to the runaways and even though the “joan pissing on the guitar thing” never happened, the girls were really disrespected. those old coots made a comeback while joan jett was consistently touring and enjoying her career. geez, a comeback after years of hiatus, and then what. they look like grandpas while joan looks like a goddess and she is. she’s even considered saint by a group of cult followers for her lifelong achievement as the woman who paved the way for female rock bands. oh and did you she owned a recording company too?

  4. G W says:

    Geez Creepycheaps, you should take your own advice and use Google to look up Rush’s history before knocking them down with half-truths. This “comeback” as you call it wouldn’t have been necessary if Neil Peart hadn’t had to suffer the double tragedy of losing his wife and daughter (I’m sure they would have released at least 2 albums during that dark period had that not happened). Oh yeah, congratulations to Rush for your long overdue induction into the R&R HOF :) Not to bash Joan Jett because yes, she’s a rock ‘n’ roll workhorse but really, she’s had 2 albums go platinum while Rush has 34 gold records and at least 12 platinum. Do the math!

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