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Show #216: Oak Oppression

June 24th, 2010

A listener named Zack e-mailed me recently asking for a Rush concert from the Hemispheres tour in celebration of the recent documentary about the band, Beyond the Lighted Stage and I’m happy to oblige.

 Show #216: Oak Oppression

Rush stopped here in Madison on this tour on 17 December 1978 and I’ve heard stories of the concert from a couple friends who were 18 at the time and hopped up on a cocktail of your typical late 70s drugs. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a copy of that show available.

And so I am going with the boot Oak Oppression which captures Rush’s show at Cobo Hall in Detroit on 2 December. This tour saw the band at arguably their most classically progressive. “Xanadu” is done in full as is “2112″. Plus you get both books of Cygnus X-1: “Cygnus X-1″ and “Hemispheres”. And “La Villa Strangiato” is in the mix to boot.

It’s a soundboard recording. The sound is a bit flat but clear. I’m putting up the first part of the show today and will podcast the rest within the next couple days.

rush oakoppression2 Show #216: Oak Oppression
(Photo found here.)


A Passage To Bangkok
By-Tor And The Snow Dog
Something For Nothing
The Trees
Cygnus X-1
Closer To The Heart

Download show


This is a video for “La Villa Strangiato” but I am unsure of its origins. Looks like a promotional video from the time of Hemispheres‘ release. Anyone out there know where this from?

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