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Being a weeklie podcaste from Madison, Wisconsin featuring several remarkable curiosities therein occurring being a compendium of live music from divers artistes

40 Nights in Madison

July 12th, 2010

Steve LaBate and Scott Sloan wanted to discover the state of rock music in America today so they set out to tape a documentary on the subject – 40 Nights of Rock & Roll.

40 Nights of Rock & Roll is the latest undertaking of the rock-fanatic duo Steve LaBate and Scott Sloan. Over 40 continuous days in the summer of 2010 Steve and Scott will drive all over the United States to watch 40 concerts, interview 40 bands, and come up with the answer to one question:

What is the current state of Rock & Roll in America?

Has true rock and roll been reduced to a few dark corners and dive bars? Are there modern rock bands that are ready to fill the arena-sized shoes of bands like AC/DC and Judas Priest?

Night 18 was spent here in Madison to shoot Baroness playing at the Orpheum Theatre. Here’s a video diary entry.

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