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Show #219: The Fifth Order Of Angels

July 12th, 2010

The same listener who requested Oak Oppression recently asked me to post a final Rush show.

rush 5thorder cover Show #219: <i>The Fifth Order Of Angels</i>

He wanted to hear The Fifth Order of Angels which is a boot of Rush’s show at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on 26 August 1974. The show was broadcast on the radio but this recording is pre-FM and so is of pukka fidelity and has no DJ comments.

Neil Peart had only joined the band about a month earlier and played his first gig less than two weeks prior to this concert on the 14th. It’s a great document of the early phase of the band’s career and is notable for featuring unreleased songs as well as versions of a couple tunes that had not yet seen the light of day on vinyl. “Best I Can” and “In the End” were most likely not recorded at this point and wouldn’t emerge for another six months when Fly By Night was released. “Fancy Dancer”, a take on Larry Williams’ “Bad Boy”, and “Garden Road” were never recorded to the best of my knowledge. I believe that the snippet of “Garden Road” that you hear in the Rush documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage comes from this recording.

N.B. – I originally posted an incomplete version of this show which was missing the last two tracks. This has been corrected.

rush 5thorder Show #219: <i>The Fifth Order Of Angels</i>
(Photo found at RushTrader.)


Finding My Way
Best I Can
Need Some Love
In The End
Fancy Dancer
In The Mood
Bad Boy
Here Again
Working Man
What You’re Doing
Garden Road

Download show


This is Rush about a month and a half later on 9 October appearing on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. They’re doing “Best I Can”.

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5 Responses to “Show #219: The Fifth Order Of Angels

  1. Beastre says:

    Wow!. I’m really enjoying this show. I really appreciate this service you provide. I mean it. I really really dig this shit!

  2. Thanks so much for these downloads. One question. This show seems to get cut off after Working Man. I’m really curious about this Garden Road song. Do you have it anywhere? I loved hearing Fancy Dancer, especially since I thought I had heard EVERY Rush song!

  3. Palmer says:

    I think I do as it should be on this boot. I’ll check later when I’m at home. You can listen to it here:


  4. El Kecko says:

    Hey, did you ever find out about the end of the show? The previous person was right that What You’re Doing and Garden Road are not on the download feature you provided.

    But either way thanks so much! It’s awesome!

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