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Iron Maiden Don’t Pander to Old Geezers

September 21st, 2010

Below is a really nice profile of Iron Maiden in 2010. The money quote for me is by Bruce Dickinson when he says “young fans aren’t interested in nostalgia; they want new stuff”. And the band are delivering. Here’s the setlist from their current tour:

The Wicker Man
Ghost Of The Navigator
El Dorado
Dance Of Death
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
These Colours Don’t Run
Blood Brothers
Wildest Dreams
No More Lies
Brave New World
Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden

Encore :
The Number of the Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Running Free

While I would prefer that the older stuff be more interspersed with the new, it’s nice to see the band not trying to skate by on their classic material. It is great to see that yet another generation have become fans. Plus I give Maiden credit for having confidence in their newer material to showcase it as they are instead of treating it like an excuse to tour and feeling obligated to play one or two of the new songs.

I don’t have anything newer than Brave New World but I am now convinced that their latest, The Final Frontier, must be bought soon.

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