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Live at Leeds Reissued. Again.

October 5th, 2010

Hey Pete and Roger – do we really need to have Live at Leeds reissued for the umpteenth time? How broke are you guys?

liveleeds 40th <i>Live at Leeds</i> Reissued. Again.

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Who’s classic Live at Leeds album, it is being reissued in a super mega maxi deluxe gold plated version with the CDs remastered by albino virgins.

The Who are to release a deluxe 40th anniversary edition of the classic Live At Leeds album on November 15.

Not only does this now feature the whole of the legendary Leeds performance, but also the complete show from Hull the following night. In fact, the latter was supposed to be the live album, with Leeds as no more than a back-up. However, when it was discovered that John Entwistle’s bass was seemingly missing from the Hull performance – at the City Hall – it was decided to go with the Leeds gig instead.

However, it’s now been realised that the bass was only missing from the first four songs and is firmly in place for the rest of the gig. So, using modern technology, the bass lines have now been restored to the Hull recordings.

Why couldn’t they have just released the Hull show on its own? Instead they have to go and bilk fans by making them buy a 4CD set with the Leeds gig included. Who fans already have this show and don’t need another one. Here’s to hoping that we get the Hull show alone, though I’d imagine that wouldn’t happen until after Christmas at the earliest.

Until then, I’m sticking with the only Leeds recording you need.

liveleeds complete <i>Live at Leeds</i> Reissued. Again.

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3 Responses to “Live at Leeds Reissued. Again.”

  1. Moss says:

    Agree, but……

    My 2 sons (18 and 16) are getting in to the good stuff including understanding the good old days of vinyl. We live in Hull so there is a local connection, there is an old record stall in the local market for some of those memory purchase (youngest bought me ‘Thick as a Brick’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’ in original fan fold recently).

    So, this is a chance to start for some people, they are new to The Who and what better way to start collecting – plus they can always play the CD’s ‘willy nilly’ and not scratch the real stuff!

  2. Palmer says:

    Hi Moss – don’t get me wrong. I’m all for introducing the old stuff to new listeners. Witness just how much old music I podcast here. But why not release the Hull show separately? This is an $80 set here in the States. (Not sure what the currency exchange rate is right now.) How many people invest that kind of money in something new? I’d think they’d buy a best of collection to start. Or download something.

    • Moss says:


      No arguments from me about releasing ‘Live at Hull’ separately, just making a point that there is a market for this however cynical it seems.
      Cost here is around £50, considering my first double Dire Straits CD cost £25 in ‘87 and a double CD of ‘chart’ teeny bop mass produced c$%p is at the moment around £12 then I would consider the new set good value. I still play my Dire Straits CD’s, I don’t know most of the stuff on the latest ‘Now that’s Music 669′! (Oh yeah, we’ve always paid over the odds in the UK for our CD’s)
      Thanks for the website, came across it by accident a while back and ‘dip in’ now and again. Particularly liked the Genesis 1973 ‘lost album’ last year – great for putting on the iPod when walking the dog – get some funny looks though!

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