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Show #231: Hello Chester, Goodbye Steve

January 8th, 2011

Although a bit late here in 2011, I do kick off the new years with a Genesis show for reasons I cannot recall. I’ve been doing it for a few years so why stop now? Looking back I couldn’t find that I’d posted a show from the Wind and Wuthering tour and so chose to post something from that time. A little more than half the shows from 1977 were recorded and, if my counting is correct, 11 of them exist as either FM broadcasts or soundboards which is a rather large number. Fans of this era have plenty of good fidelity recordings to choose from. I chose this particular one simply because I came across it first in my search for a recording from 1977.

gen chic 21677 Show #231: Hello Chester, Goodbye Steve

The Wind and Wuthering tour wasn’t the first for the four-piece Genesis but it was the first to have Chester Thompson on drums. Before joining the touring version of the band, Chester had played with, amongst others, Frank Zappa and Weather Report. He may seem like an odd choice at first but he played in a dual drummer situation with Zappa and both bands surely provided him with enough odd time signatures to keep him busy. It amazes me to hear some Genesis fans bad mouth Chester and saying that he was never as good as Phil and blah blah blah. They’re different drummers and Chester just plain rocks. He does a lot more work with the ride cymbal and bass drum to add a bit of swing to the songs. Chester gave “I Know What I Like” an honest to Christ groove!

Arguably and unsurprisingly it took Chester some time to settle into the Genesis drum stool. Early on in the tour his drumming sounds a bit like he’s trying to emulate Phil Collins’ parts but by the time of this recording he has made the songs his own in addition to simply having gotten used to playing with his new bandmates.

Having an official live album from this tour (Seconds Out) in addition to many good quality unofficial recordings, the 1977 tour is a bit hackneyed for me although it’s been a while since listening to a show from it and I am enjoying it greatly now. It’s a bit weird considering that the drum duet starts on this tour, it was the last to feature a complete “Supper’s Ready” for a while, and was the final tour with Steve Hackett. I also think it was the last tour to feature Hackett and Mike Rutherford doing song introductions. I guess it’s just this weird mental block on my part because I just think of ’77 gigs as being “standard issue” in some way. Must be overexposure.

gen17 01 77 1 Show #231: Hello Chester, Goodbye Steve
(Photo found at The Movement.)

This particular show from Chicago is one that I have a lot of fond memories of. Having been broadcast on the radio it was and remains a very common bootleg. I was still living in Chicago when I started collecting boots so this show is one of the first to enter my collection. By the time I first heard it I had listened to Seconds Out countless times and I was excited to hear songs played on the tour but left off of the album. Wind and Wuthering fared badly in this department as “One For the Vine”, “Your Own Special Way”, “…In That Quiet Earth”, and “Eleventh Earl of Mar” were all left on the cutting room floor. (As was “All In a Mouse’s Night” which was played earlier in the tour while “Inside and Out” was played later. Ooh! And “Wot Gorilla?” got played once as well. Too bad “Blood On the Rooftops” was never done live. It could have been very powerful.) Plus it was weird at first to hear the material in an order different from that on Seconds Out. You mean “Robbery, Assault, and Battery” wasn’t followed by “Afterglow”?

As you can see above, this show is from 16 February 1977 and was at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. Anyone know which radio station broadcast the concert?

Set 1:

One For The Vine
Robbery, Assault And Battery
Your Own Special Way
Firth Of Fifth
Carpet Crawlers
In That Quiet Earth
I Know What I Like

Set 2:

Eleventh Earl Of Mar
Supper’s Ready
Dance On A Volcano
Los Endos
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Musical Box (Closing Section)

Download Set 1

Download Set 2

Genesis did a promotional video of footage shot on 19 March 1977 in Dallas, TX. Here is “Firth of Fifth”.

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