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Show #234: La Brass Banda

February 24th, 2011

llb Show #234: La Brass Banda
(Photo found at this wonderful site.)

I’m not really sure how to describe La Brass Banda. This five-piece hails from Bavaria and got together in 2007. LBB consists of bass & drums along with trumpet, tuba, and trombone. I just discovered these guys and haven’t given their entire oeuvre a listen but from what I’ve heard they throw a helluva lot into their musical stew. There’s punk, ska, New Orleans brass, reggae, funk, and even some native Bavarian influences all cast together. Like I said, I’m still getting into them and I’m sure there’s even more genres that get put into the mix.

Regardless of what types of music you can hear in their sound, they are great. And they wear lederhosen on stage.

This is the first half of their show from Hamburg on 23 April 2010.


Intro “Olli Popoli & the holy moly fistfucking band”
I Like The Battyman
Brass Banda
Intro “Bayrischer Techno”

Download show

La Brass Banda

Here they are doing “Des konst glam”.

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