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Jethro Tull Is Living in the Past

August 29th, 2011

Ian Anderson is sure living in the past these days.

aqualungcollectorbox Jethro Tull Is Living in the Past

First is the news of the 40th anniversary editions of Aqualung. Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree remixed and remastered away and the result are due on Halloween. A new stereo mix, a 5.1 surround mix, and the resurrection of the quad mix are all forthcoming. As far as unreleased songs go, there’s a few but I’m disappointed that there weren’t more. The bonus tracks, if that term is applicable here, are mostly things we’ve heard before like the Life’s a Long Song EP and “Lick Your Fingers Clean”. Here’s the unreleased stuff:

My God (Early Version)
Wond’ring Aloud (13th December 1970)
Wind-Up (Early Version – New Mix)
Slipstream (Take 2)
Up The ‘Pool (Early Version)
Wond’ring Aloud, Again (Full Morgan Version)

Not sure what this “Wond’ring Aloud, Again” is. Is it just “Wond’ring Again” that appeared on Living in the Past? I was rather hoping there’d be more late 1970 material from when Glenn Cornick was still around but perhaps there just wasn’t any. I was curious to find out if a studio version of “Tomorrow Was Today” would surface but no luck.

uw cover Jethro Tull Is Living in the Past

Also on the remaster front is a rumor that Under Wraps is to get a tweaking and a deluxe edition. It will supposedly contain three unreleased songs. However, the rumor mill says that Ian has gone all George Lucas and has finished one or more of these.

I personally don’t hate UW and don’t mind when a musician tinkers with the back catalogue (as long as the original remains in print), but I’d rather have some new Tull/IA material than a spate of re-releases that “fix” the mixes from the days of yore.

If this year is Aqualung’s 40th, then next year is Thick As a Brick’s. To celebrate, Ian Anderson will be doing a solo tour which will feature TAAB performed in its entirety. I was shocked when I read this as I never thought he’d have much of a desire to do it.

Ian Anderson performs Thick As A Brick in its entirety for the first time since 1972, going out for a world tour commencing in the UK in Mid-April. Then, it’s on to European countries in the late Spring and Summer before landing in the USA for two tours spanning September, October and early November.

This tour will feature a more theatrical production with video, additional musicians and a troupe of dancing elephants. (Just kidding about the dancing elephants: they don’t dance…)

Who is going to be in the band? How could it not include Martin Barre? Also, will there be rabbit suits? The gorilla? Will Ian be answering a phone? I presume it would be a cell phone since it’s 2011. It could be a fun show. Here’s what it looked and sounded like back in the day.

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