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Romantic Warriors – A New Prog Rock Documentary

August 9th, 2011

There’s a new documentary out making the PBS rounds about contemporary progressive rock. It’s called Romantic Warriors: A Progressive Music Saga.

This feature length documentary film highlights ten contemporary progressive music bands:

Cabezas De Cera – Avant/Fusion (Mexico)

Cheer-Accident – Avant/Experimental (USA)

Deluge Grander – Symphonic (USA)

D.F.A. – Jazz/Fusion (Italy)

Karmakanic – Symphonic (Sweden)

La Maschera Di Cera – Symphonic (Italy)

Oblivion Sun – Symphonic (USA)

Phideaux – Symphonic (USA)

Qui – Jazz Canterbury (Japan)

Rob Martino – Chapman Stick Player (USA)

These musicians tell their stories, influences, creative process, challenges they face, and how they sell music in the era of Internet downloads. While the music’s international, cross-cultural appeal receives due coverage, the Eastern United States and the Baltimore-Philadelphia region, specifically, are acknowledged as the cradle of prog’s post-1970s artistic renaissance.

This film is also about the passion and spirit of progressive music genre, its music, its festivals, and the ecosystem that supports it.

Cabezas De Cera and D.F.A. sound pretty good to my ears. It’s sort of ironic that we see footage from NEARFest and hear all this talk about prog rock fans being open to this or that, yet NEARFest was cancelled this year. Now, I am not sure exactly why so few people bought tickets to this year’s festival, but part of the explanation was surely that the line-up didn’t have any heavy hitters.

Still, looks like a fun, geeky flick. Perfect for me.

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