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Pink Floyd’s “Household Objects” Finally Out of the Cupboard

October 28th, 2011

After the Floyd’s success with Dark Side of the Moon, the band decided to try something different. Very different. They hit upon the idea of making music with household objects. Rubber bands stretched between two tables, wine glasses, and other items were enlisted. The sessions were held in the fall of 1973. According to Nick Mason:

However, no such recordings exist of the ‘Household Objects’ tapes for the simple reason that we never managed to produce any actual music. All the time we devoted to the project was spent exploring the non-musical sounds, and the most we ever achieved was a small number of tentative rhythm tracks.”

Was the bass line here made with rubber bands? I assume so. Sounds pretty good to me.

With the new Floyd box sets a couple of these rhythm tracks are seeing the light of day. The DSotM Immersion set contains “The Hard Way” while the Wish You Were Here set, due next month, has “Wine Glasses”.

The WYWH set also contains a version of the title track with some violin playing by jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli that was thought lost. Nick Mason was on BBC Radio’s Front Row recently where he talked about the track and provided some samples. You can listen to it here for at least a while. The player does work here in the States.

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