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Show #242: Quidam

October 26th, 2011

October is Polish American Heritage Month here in the States so I thought I’d do my part.

quidam concert Show #242: Quidam
(Photo from here.)

Quidam are a progressive rock band hailing from Poland. They got their start in the early 1990s but didn’t release their debut album until 1996. The mid-90s were a good time for a lot of prog rock fans as many newer bands rose to prominence, especially those not from American or England. Among these groups were Änglagård and Anekdoten from Sweden and Collage and Quidam from Poland. While the Swedes tended towards the darker realms of King Crimson, Quidam and their compatriots were more in the symphonic prog realm of Genesis and Camel.

I’d be lying if I said I was intimately familiar with Quidam because I am not. They play a brand of neo-prog that is at times ethereal and at others very upbeat. I like their use of flute as well. It’s not a lead instrument in the same way that Ian Anderson plays it but it does a bit more than add atmosphere or mirror a melodic line in the way that Peter Gabriel played the instrument in Genesis.

This show is from 26 May 2002 in Warsaw from Polish Radio 3. This was about a year before a series of line-up changes. I’m not exactly sure who was in the band at this point, but I’m pretty sure this is Emila Derkowska on vocals here. She has a siren call which distinguishes the band’s early phase from its current incarnation with Bartek Kossowicz behind the mic.


List z pustyni I
Plone wesola
Nowe imie
Credo I
Pod niebem czas
No Quarter
Pod powieka

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I wasn’t able to find any video from 2002 but here’s “Nocne Widziadla” from the band’s performance at the Baja Prog Festival in 1999.

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