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Rush Has Black Fans Too

January 27th, 2012

An old but interesting article from the Houston Press called “Companions Unobtrusive” noting how Rush has a fair number of black fans. It starts off amusingly.

The evening was approaching midnight, and the music of many a Dirty South rapper had ridden the airwaves during the past two hours. Then, suddenly, a rock song found its way onto this show’s playlist.

“What is that?” one girl asked the other as the tune blasted out of the overhead speakers. And she didn’t sound intrigued — nope, she sounded pissed that a hard-rock tune was taking up radio time that another crunk Lil’ Jon joint could’ve easily filled.

A guy who was also in the lobby, let’s call him, um, me, went into the booth to ask who and what the hell was playing.

“Rush,” said the DJ working the turntables. ” ‘Tom Sawyer.’ ”

“Tom Sawyer”? Rush? On a rap show?

“I usually start off my mixes with that,” the DJ said.

And that is how my search for black people who like Rush began.

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2 Responses to “Rush Has Black Fans Too”

  1. Mike says:

    Well, I’m a black guy who’s into rush. Or better stated, I’m a black musician who likes rush. If you you’re just a regular black guy, you might be like, what is that, that’s acid music or whatever. But let me tell you, from a musical stand point, not only does Rush sound good, but these three guys skill level at what they do is insane. I got turned on to Rush by a drummer friend of mine at the age of 19. I was totally into it and have never looked back. Black or whatever music is music to me.

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