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Show #248: Ringing in 2012 with Rewiring Genesis

January 8th, 2012

I try to start every new year here with a Genesis show. In 2012 the first show that I’ll post features the music of Genesis but not the band itself. Instead I’m going with a fine show that I recently got a hold of by Rewiring Genesis.

rewiringg Show #248: Ringing in 2012 with Rewiring Genesis
(Photo from band’s Myspace page.)

Rewiring Genesis is the brainchild of Nick D’Virgilio and Mark Hornsby. D’Virgilio was the long-time drummer for Spock’s Beard and shared duties behind the kit with Nir Zidkyahu for Genesis’ last album Calling All Stations. Unfortunately, I can’t find much out about Hornsby. In 2008 they recorded A Tribute to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Enlisted for the occasion were several Nashville session players. I’ve not yet heard the album but, if this show is any indication, the song structures were left more or less intact. However, the tunes were given a pretty thorough make-over with lots of different instruments that Genesis probably never thought of using. No Mellotrons here. In their stead we have strings, brass, accordion, banjo, et al. Plus a couple ladies came in and did background vocals ala Pink Floyd. (They absolutely kick ass on “Grand Parade”.)

I love how D’Virgilio and Hornsby have recast classic prog. The horns accentuate the snippet of The Drifters that ends the title track; accordion does the “Pharaohs going down the Nile” honors on “Fly on a Windshield”; “In the Cage” features sax taking over for guitar while the accordion and the rest of the brass do Tony Banks’ solos. This is great stuff and it just sounds like everyone was having fun.

This recording is of a show from 4 January 2009 at The Basement in Nashville. I don’t know how many times RG played live but it seems that this is the lone performance they gave as all the phots and YouTube videos I’ve seen come from it. D’Virgilio manned the drums on the album but he bring in Steve Ebe on this occasion. Aside from him and Randy Diego, everyone was involved with recording A Tributeā€¦

Vocals: Nick D’Virgilio
Drums: Steve Ebe
Guitar: Don Carr
Keyboards/Accordian: Jeff Taylor
Backing Vocals: Kat Bowser
Backing Vocals: Carolyn Martin
Trombone: John Hinchey
Trumpet: Steve Patrick
Sax/Flute/Clarinet: Sam Levine
Baritone Sax: Doug Moffet
Sax/Bass Flute/Accordian: Randy Diego

MC Introduction
Nick’s greeting
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Fly On A Windshield
Broadway Melody Of 1974
Cuckoo Cocoon
In The Cage
The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
Nick’s Recap
Back In N.Y.C.
Hairless Heart
Counting Out Time
The Carpet Crawlers
The Chamber Of 32 Doors
Nick Recaps again and explains skipping a few songs at this point
Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
Pause for Drummer Exchange
The Lamia
The Colony Of Slippermen (Arrival – A Visit To The Doktor – Raven)
In The Rapids

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Rewiring Genesis

Finally! I was unable get the embed code early to day but now it works. “In the Cage” from what I presume to be this very show.

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