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ELP and Elephant9

March 5th, 2012

Razor & Tie announced a couple weeks ago that they are going to be re-releasing a chunk of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s back catalogue. A new best-of is out now while later this year we’ll get reissues of their first six albums. These will be “newly expanded” in one way or another with 5.1 stereo mixes by Steve Wilson likely.

I was reading some forum posts about this announcement and of course the discussion went in all kinds of directions. Someone posted a link to a song by a band called Elephant9 which I really liked.

They’re a Norwegian trio which, mainly because of the organ, sound a bit like ELP. There certainly is a prog element to them but also a jazz fusion thing as well. It’s all instrumental so there’s no rows of Bishops’ heads in jars or armored armadillos.

Check ‘em out.

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