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Show #249: The Tailgators

April 9th, 2012

tailgators Show #249: The Tailgators
(Photo found here.)

I first heard The Tailgators back in the early or mid-1990s and became enamored of their easy-going swamp rock.

The band started out in Austin, Texas back in 1985 and have released seven albums. Some of their material reminds me of CCR with Don Leady’s catchy guitar riffs fronting a straightforward roots rock tune. They also have songs that revel in the R&B of the days of yore. Other influences are swampier with fiddle, squeeze box, and triangle conjuring images of the bayou with its Cajun and zydeco music. And you can throw in some surf and blues as well into the mix. It’d be hackneyed to describe their sound as a gumbo but it blends various genres together seamlessly with great melodic hooks and steady, danceable beats. Nothing fancy here, just great Louisiana-tinged rock’n'roll in three minutes packages that never out stay their welcome.

This is a good soundboard – perhaps and FM – recording from 8 May 1989 when The Gators played at a club called Römer in Bremen, Germany.


Till It’s Too Late
Little Girl Blue
Mumbo Jumbo
Pick Up The Deck
I Need Love
Little Darlin’ Be Mine
Brown Eyed Girl
OK Lets Go
Long Tall Young Boy
Drop Your Head
Behind The Wheel
All I Really Want
Rock And Roll Till The Cows Come Home
Maria Elena
Tore Up

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The Tailgators

I couldn’t find a whole lot on YouTube but I did come across this fairly recent performance of “Got My Mojo Working”.

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