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Squackett Samples

May 23rd, 2012

A finalist in the worst band name category, Squackett is Chris Squire and Steve Hackett. According to their record label, “the two met when Chris Squire was working on a solo album and needed some guitar parts.” The result is A Life Within a Day which is due on 28 May.

It’s not going to be an epic prog album. Hackett says, “I think the material is simple and direct,” while Squire describes the album thusly: “There is some clever Prog Rock stuff on the album, some jazzy bits, but there are parts that have vocal harmonies like Crosby, Stills and Nash.”

Luckily the samples don’t hint at another GTR. The first showcases a bit of the proggy side of things while harmony vocals are featured on the other two. These guys’ voices sound great together.

For more info, check out this interview with Chris Squire and this one with Steve Hackett.

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