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Crowdfunding Release of Atomic Sunrise Festival

July 10th, 2012

The Atomic Sunrise Festival was held 9-15 March 1970 at the Roundhouse in London. A couple of years ago some teaser footage from the event appeared on YouTube and now the owner of that footage, Adrian Everett, is looking to crowdfunding to get the film digitized, released on DVD, and to publish a book about the festival.

The event is notable for appearances by David Bowie before he became Ziggy Stardust, Hawkwind, and Genesis prior to Phil Collins and Steve Hackett joining the band. According to the Genesis fanzine The Waiting Room:

The Roundhouse London 11/3/70. This is the Atomic Sunrise Festival gig which was filmed both privately and professionally as well as being 8-track sound recorded as well. Genesis were first on the bill opening for both Hawkwind and a pre-Glam David Bowie. Despite rumours to the contrary, yours truly does NOT, I repeat NOT possess a copy of this film. Nor indeed do the band. The private footage is – or was – owned by a guy called Adrian Everett who tried to sell it to Hit & Run Music several years ago for an extortionate amount of money allegedly. The whereabouts of the pro-shot film and soundtrack are as yet unknown. An intriguing two minute audio segment of Stagnation which may be from this gig was found on a tape in Anthony Phillips’ tape archive several years ago but a definitive provenance for it is currently unavailable as the tape was not labelled properly.****

You can watch the teaser on YouTube and it appears to be completely overdubbed so I have to wonder if Everett has access to the audio of the shows or whether he just has the private footage which is reputedly silent.

For more info about Everett’s attempt to crowdfund the release of the footage, head over to his IndieGoGo page.

****Mr. Everett himself has made a comment to refute most of this – see below.

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4 Responses to “Crowdfunding Release of Atomic Sunrise Festival”

  1. Most of this ‘information’ from The Waiting Room – and then spread to other websites – is NOT true.
    There are not two recordings just the one,
    Yoko Ono was NOT involved,
    I NEVER tried to sell it to any group or artist and only EVER spoke to ALL managemnts about that being involved in a release,
    I most certainly never asked Genesis for ANY amount of money let alone an EXTORTIONATE amount, I notice Alan Hewitt used ‘allegedly’ now you know why!
    His ‘reliable’ source had such a good memory he thought he had seen black and white footage – It is colour! Doh!

    I am sure Alan realises what harm the internet can cause and at the moment this rubbish could put people off and mean noone ever seeing this amazing film. I don’t think for a minute he would want that, and I am sure he acted in good faith at the time. However ….

  2. As stated above there is only ONE film – and this one was professionally shot. The existance of TWO is an invention – I think from the same source of misinformation as the other ‘rumours’. You will notice the word ‘allegedly’in the quote from The Waiting Room (above). I find it a shame – and am more than a little bemused – that here AT LAST is a way of this being done but some fans don’t seem to be happy. I have tried for 20 years through TV, video release etc to get this ‘out there’ and ultimately found it not the way to go. An enormous amount of time and energy has been put in. But some seem to think I am trying to make a quick buck – 20 years and boxes and boxes of research – a quick buck?!Anyway, I hope most of you see this rubbish for what it is and get behind making this attempt a success – even by just spreading the truth! Given the chance I’ll do a good job for you. Now it is up to you, the fans. Thanks a lot. Adrian

  3. Jon says:

    Hey Mr Everett. Any news? What is going on with this project? Seems to have been forgotten. Now that David has died I would have expected some response but we have heard nothing from you for two years?

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