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Show #258: Fish Heads in Copenhagen

February 8th, 2013

fish acoustic 2011 Show #258: Fish Heads in Copenhagen
(Photo found at The Company.)

I find myself listening to Fish quite a bit these days in anticipation of his new album, A Feast of Consequences, so I thought I’d post one of his shows.

2011 was a busy touring year for Fish with his website listing 108 gigs, the second-highest of his (solo) career. I’m not sure why he hit the road so hard as he didn’t have a new album to promote. It looks like most or all of the shows were three man acoustic performances so it could very well be that he stood to make some cash with a stripped-down band. The guy has to eat, after all.

Fish brought guitarist Frank Usher and keyboardist Foss Paterson with him on the tour. There’s a goodly amount of Marillion here, which surprised me. Heavy on Fugazi. That album’s title track works really well in this minimalist approach. It really lets Fish’s voice take over and provide the menace. On the solo front, the b-side “Out of My Life” is resurrected. The Scottish prog funk of “Brother 52″ translates well and “The Pilgrim’s Address” is, for me, one of the best songs on the otherwise mediocre Fellini Days.

This show was recorded at the Amager Bio in Copenhagen on 19 March 2011 and is an excellent audience recording.


Part I
Introduction by Fish
Chocolate frogs (a capella)
State of mind
Somebody special
Brother 52
Slainte mhath
Out of my life
Punch & Judy
Family business

Part II
The PilgrimĀ“s Address

Download Part I
Download Part II


Here’s “Fugazi” from the same tour 9 days later in Poland.

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