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Show #261: A Moveable Feast

December 30th, 2013

fish2013 10 02 Show #261: A Moveable Feast
(Photo by Jasper Bolderdijk.)

I’ve been listening to Fish’s A Feast of Consequences a lot lately and so I thought I’d post a show from his tour in support of the album.

The more I listen to A Feast of Consequences, the more I like it. It makes a nice counterpoint to 13th Star. That album was a dark, brooding affair that focused on the dissolution of Fish’s relationship with Heather Findlay and the aftermath. Feast continues his examination of his life in the wake of those events but also sees him return with a bit of humor and some commentary on the world. Plus there’s an epic suite about the Battle of the Somme, a topic near and dear to his heart. Plus the album is quite varied musically. There’s the proggy slow build-up of “Perfume River”, the more straight-ahead rock of “All Loved Up” and the title track, the brass band which invokes the early 20th century on “The Gathering”, and a reprise of the industrial feel of 13th Star on “Thistle Alley”. Quite a feast indeed.

Laid out for you here is Fish’s show from Effenaar, a theatre in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The gig took place this past autumn on 22 September. He gives us a hearty helping of new material and even reaches back to his early days in Marillion with a couple songs from Script for a Jester’s Tear. It’s nice to hear “What Colour is God?” as Sunsets on Empire is one of my favorite Fish albums. On the other hand he reprises the “Assassing” medley. Being a Genesis fan, I’m ambivalent about oldies medleys. But, if there must be one, it’s be nice if things were shuffled around a bit more with some more different songs involved. Having said this, it is heartening that Fish can go on tour without seeming to feel obligated to play “Kayleigh” and “Lavender”.

A couple things to note here: First is that the aforementioned medley does not include “View From the Hill” which at least one other show from this tour does. A nice surprise. Secondly, “The Company” was not played this night as an encore as was customary.


Perfume River
Feast of Consequences
Script for a Jester’s Tear
Dark Star
All Loved Up
What Colour is God?
Blind to the Beautiful
Mr. 1470
He Knows You Know
Crucifix Corner
The Gathering
Thistle Alley
Assassing / Credo / Tongues / Assassing Continued / Fugazi / White Feather /

Download show


There are a couple videos from this show up at YouTube and here’s one of them – “He Knows You Know”.

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