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Show #277: For My Brother – From Chicago to Copenhagen

August 9th, 2015

My brother passed away back in the spring and I am posting some shows that he attended as well as shows by bands that he liked but for which he did not leave behind a ticket stub.

nakedraygun89 Show #277: For My Brother   From Chicago to Copenhagen

I found a ticket stub for the Naked Raygun show at the Riviera on 9 September 1989 amongst my brother’s possessions. Although I was unable to find a recording of that particular show I was able to find a nice audience recording of a gig in the spring of that year from Copenhagen.

Truth be told I am not a big Naked Raygun fan. I don’t dislike them by any means, I just find them to be alright, basically. My brother, on the other hand, loved them. In addition to a ticket stub he also had several of their albums on vinyl. They are certainly the first band that comes to mind when I think of the Chicago punk scene. I hope I don’t come across as damning with faint praise or any such thing because that’s not my intention. Naked Raygun were just a band that my brother was into much more than myself.

Anyway, let’s get to the music.

This performance was recorded on 24 May 1989 in front of a bunch of Danes at the Barbue in Copenhagen. It’s really much better than “nice” – this is indeed a great recording.

Live Wire
Soldier’s Requiem
The Strip
Hips Swingin’
Dog At Large
Never Follow
I Remember
The Mule
Surf Combat
Vanilla Blue
Backlash Jack
I Don’t Know
Ever Fallen in Love
Rat Patrol

Download show

Naked Raygun

Here’s the band from Austria in 1989. This must be shortly before or after the Copenhagen gig as I presume that Naked Raygun weren’t doing multiple European tours in a single year. But stranger things have happened, I guess.

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