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Show #280: Pieces of Hackett

January 2nd, 2016

It is tradition here at Up the Downstair to begin every new year with a show by Genesis or a related artist whether it be a solo concert by a former member or a tribute to the band. I don’t recall every starting the year with a Steve Hackett show and, since I saw him last month, I am going to post one of his performances.

sh2010 06 29 Show #280: Pieces of Hackett
(Photo by Ben Fenner.)

I’d seen Hackett prior to his concert in South Milwaukee last month but it was a solo acoustic show back in 2005 at Shank Hall in Milwaukee. And so I was excited to see him electric with a full band. He did not disappoint.

Without making this into a review of last month’s concert, I do want to point out that the first set was his solo material while the second was all Genesis. Hackett, of all former band members, has been the most unafraid to incorporate the band’s music into his solo gigs. Indeed, he has revisited his work with Genesis on two albums which feature reworked versions of classic 70s tunes. On the other hand, Hackett unapologetically featured several songs from his most recent album, Wolflight, in South Milwaukee.

He takes a similar approach here. This concert is from 29 June 2010 at the Park West in Chicago, Illinois. About half the show is comprised of songs from the then-current Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth while the other half features solo tunes from the 70s and a couple Genesis songs. This is a relatively short performance as Hackett was sharing the bill with Renaissance. But it is a really nice audience recording.


Emerald and Ash
Fire on the Moon
Ace of Wands
Spectral Mornings
Still Waters
Los Endos
Firth of Fifth

Download show

Steve Hackett

This show was captured on video and I think it’s all on YouTube. This is “Every Day”, a song I was thrilled to finally hear live. The guitar solo sent chills down my spine. One of his best.

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