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Show #285: David Bowie in Madison

January 24th, 2016

bowie74 Show #285: David Bowie in Madison
(Photo found at this gallery.)

When David Bowie died a couple of weeks ago I was surprised by the outpouring of sadness. I suppose I shouldn’t have been but the number of article and comments about the man and his influence was really startling. People wrote about how much his music influenced them and their own musical ambitions; about how Bowie’s mercurial sexuality made others feel more comfortable with themselves as gay or bi or transgendered or whatever; while others simply wrote about how much they loved his music and his parade of personas. It seemed that despite not having had a hid or much media exposure for some time, the guy’s music and influence pervaded the lives of people of all ages.

Truth be known, I am not nor have I ever been much of a Bowie fan. I’ve never held any enmity towards the man or his legacy, I’ve just never been enamored of his music. However, I do think “Heroes” is a great song and I like some Tin Machine. And I liked him in Labyrinth and the Twin Peaks. The guy was certainly not untalented. Perhaps it was all those singles from Let’s Dance that put some kind of block in my head.

Regardless, the guy was a legend and hugely influential. And so I am posting his show from here in Madison on 11 October 1974. From what I can tell, this was his one and only performance here.

It took place on 11 October 1974 at the Dane County Coliseum. While not a great recording, it is passable. I believe that this recording has had some hiss reduction applied to it that the version up on YouTube does not.

Memory Of A Free Festival
Rebel Rebel
John I’m Only Dancing (Again)
Moonage Daydream
Rock’n'Roll With Me
The Jean Genie
Diamond Dogs
Young Americans
Can You Hear Me?
It’s Gonna Be Me
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Suffragette City
Rock’n'Roll Suicide

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David Bowie

YouTube has some live Bowie from September 1974 apparently recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A. The poster notes that it is the live footage from a documentary called Cracked Actor.

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